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Standart bazı ünlüler ve piercingleri

Alyssa Milano has piercings starting from her ears to her nose to her tummy:

Britney Spears has a half a dozen in just her ears and navel:

Christina Aguilera Put another hole in her clit! Plus piercings in her nipple, dozen in her ears, labret and nose:

"Fergie" Black Eyed Pea piercings expand all the way up her ears to an eyebrow ring:

Hilary Duff scattered throughout her ears:

Keira Knightley simply pierced her navel:

Kelly Clarkson pierced her nose and belly button:

Lindsay Lohan has her ears and navel pierced:

Paris Hilton has a belly ring:

Pink's got her nipple, nose, tongue, ears and tragus pierced:

Scarlett Johansson pierced her tragus and nose: